Highlight: Alexander Wang Zip-Sleeve Blouse

Feb 08, 2016 (0) Comments
by Bethany Stutsman

"Bringing life and a little more inside info on some of the coolest pieces at Bethany's Style Aisle/@Bethanystylepage!" Issue No. 5: Alexander Wang Zip-Sleeve Blouse

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*Sigh*...where do I start? Today I get the pleasure of introducing you to this beautifully designed Alexander Wang zip-sleeve blouse. This blouse is a home run-- it is the perfect combination of edginess and femininity. It is imaginative and functional (yes ma'am, those sleeves do zip off...and no, it's not a hassle to get them back on. Score!) This top might as well have the logo "Alexander Wang" printed all over it because the style of it is so obviously him. He is a genius when it comes to design and structure; Alexander Wang makes the coolest staple pieces. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some obnoxious clothing when the time is right, but I also love it when designers make staples. It's almost their way of being like, "hey girl, I know you're about to drop last month's pay check on this tank top I made, but at least you'll wear it three times a week for the next two years." However, the up side to this situation is that no one's going to have to drop a pay check...we'll get to that later :) 



Here's a little info about this stunner:

-It is silk, so yes that means that laundering is a little more difficult, but the fabric is natural and you know the quality is top notch 

-It is marked a size 8, but will fit smaller sizes as well. It measures 20" pit to pit and 23.5" long

-It is in GREAT condition! For the sake of full disclosure, the only thing I can see to mention, as far as condition goes, is that the Alexander Wang label was originally tacked on all 4 corners and the tacks have come loose in the bottom two corners. I see this a lot though and it does not speak to the condition of the rest of the top and the label is still secure. 

-Our research tells us that if you wanted to buy this top at full price, you would probably be looking at spending around $620 for it....but we're selling it for just $ save $570!!

-I love that anyone can wear this and it is appropriate for almost any setting- office, a night out, make it sleeveless and wear it casually. This top can be put with dress pants, a pencil skirt, under a dress or sweater vest, belted with shorts, with heels, flats, sandals...YOU NAME IT!

-Obviously the zip off sleeves are the coolest part about this top. I wanted to show it with them on and off because it is actually wearable both ways and totally easy to zip on and off without help. Other details I love are the pleats at the top by the collar, I love the black outline on the collar, I am obsessed with the fact that the collar is double layered, I adore the gorgeous shape and pleats in the sleeves (you'll seriously feel like royalty), and lastly, I love that the row of buttons are covered by an over lapping piece of fabric. 



Basically, there is not an inch of this top that I don't think is the bomb. I was positive that this blouse would sell as soon as I posted it, but I still have it so that means it could still be YOURS! I have many more photos of it and more information about it posted HERE << you can also purchase it using that link!


If you have more questions about the blouse please feel free to reach out to me on instagram at @Bethanystylepage, or email me at! 


All my love!

XOXO Bethany


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