Highlight: Oscar De La Renta Vintage Blouse

"Bringing life and a little more inside info on some of the coolest pieces at Bethany's Style Aisle/@Bethanystylepage!" Issue No. 3: Oscar De La Renta Vintage Blouse



Today we are talking "vintage" with this in-cre-di-ble, vintage, Oscar De La Renta blouse that ties at the neck. Sometimes I hesitate to buy vintage pieces, only because vintage is not what normally sells the best for me. It doesn't do poorly, I have just found that my more current pieces sell better. However, that thought process went totally out the window when I found this one. It even looked pretty on the hanger (and I can't say that for every piece)...I had to get it! I was sure that one of my vintage-lovers would snatch this baby up as soon as i posted it, but alas...I still have it...How?! I think it looks great with jeans and heels, how we've styled it, but how chic would it look tucked into a pencil skirt with pumps or a great pair of flats? The neck tie makes it an awesome layering piece, too!



Here's a little info about this stunner:

-It is polyester--so (yay!) not a fabric that anyone is afraid of!

-It is marked a size 10, but can work for a smaller size as well. I am a size 0-2 and am wearing it in these photos un-clipped. (20" pit to pit, 25.5" long)

-It is in GREAT condition, no flaws to note!

-Our research tells us that this blouse was originally sold for around $400, but you can buy it here for only $38! You save $362! (Insert half-blue emoji with hands on face and jaw dropped)

-It is vintage, so it has personality and is inherently cool. You can go to work and pretend that you are on the set of "Mad Men" all day, but still fit in with your girls at lunch in their Tory Burch blouses

-Details I love: well, of COURSE I love the neck tie. I mean are you kidding? It's perfect. It looks cute and polished when it is tied, but it looks very chill and c-o-o-l when it is un-tied

-An now that I am thinking about AMAZING would this look tucked into a pair of wide-leg pants?? The CHIC is 2 mch 2 handle! (Insert emoji mentioned in bullet point number 4)



Vintage pieces are the best because you don't ever regret getting them. When I run across them in my won closet while I'm rummaging through (probably thinking in my head, "I have nothing to wear. Need more clothes."), vintage pieces make me smile. I love what a cool conversation piece vintage clothing can be, too. It is fun to tell your friends what you've learned about what you're wearing. When it was made, what kind of person probably originally bought it, and of gotta tell them what a bargain it was. I love a good current piece, and own way more modern clothing than I do vintage (so don't get me wrong) but to me, vintage clothing can have a lot more depth than all of your other clothes. Vintage is cool and so is this blouse. So get it while you can! 


If you have more questions about the blouse, fee free to reach out to me on Instagram at @bethanystylepage or email me at! You can search "Oscar De La Renta" on our website to find it easily if you want to buy!


PICTURED WITH: Prada Heels (SOLD) // HOBO International black patent clutch, $35 BUY IT HERE

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